Design Technologist | Beaudry Interactive

Design Technologist (June 2019—September 2019)

Technical Intern (May 2018—May 2019)

From May 2018 to September 2019 I had the pleasure of working for Beaudry Interactive, an entertainment company specializing in physical and digital interactives. I got to work on a lot of neat electronics projects there, participate in R&D, program digital games, and more. I am a lot stronger of a creator because of them and I am so thankful for the opportunities they gave me!

SeaWorld Orlando plans to debut new Sesame Street land by March 27 ...

The biggest project I contributed to that I’m able to talk about publicly is the recently-opened Sesame Street Land in SeaWorld Orlando. During my time at Beaudry Interactive, I helped design and build all of the “Interactive Play” elements found throughout the land. You can read more about my experience on this project over at the project page here!

You can view more of Beaudry Interactive’s projects on their website here. I also contributed to work for LADWP’s museum and various unreleased projects.