Quiet of the Leaves

Writer, Narrative Designer (May 2016—May 2017)

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Quiet of the Leaves is a 2D-sidescrolling adventure game in which you play as a girl named Mars who is trying to reunite with her father after being separated in the Ozarks. It focuses primarily on the strained relationship between Mars and her father and, depending on the choices the player makes, they can either reconcile their relationship or be pushed even further apart.

As a writer and narrative designer on this game, I helped form the overall narrative structure of the game as well as wrote several scenes of dialogue. I also came up with ideas for how the scenes should play out visually (e.g. character staging, environmental changes, etc.) in order to best convey the experience goals of the game, and I was the main person responsible for writing Mars’ journal entries that are unlocked as you progress.

We used the tool Yarn for integrating text into the game.

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