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The one public project I worked on during my time at Worldbuildr Inc. was Phantom Bridge, a digital escape room experience currently installed aboard the Sky Princess. This 20-minute experience is also the first public project to use Worldbuildr’s show control software to run it, taking in commands written externally from the program to manipulate what was being shown onscreen.

I was a developer on this project from the time I was originally brought on to Worldbuildr Inc. in October 2019 to its launch in December 2019. Our team was relatively small, with myself being one of four people, meaning that we each contributed significantly to the project’s codebase and its successful installation onboard the ship itself. The project had its ups and downs, but ultimately I am proud of Worldbuildr’s contribution.

We were solely the implementers and programmers on this project, instructed with taking the client’s design ideas and making them reality. This was a great learning experience as we learned the dos and don’ts of working with clients and how to best implement their ideas in ways that both honored their intention yet made sense in the context of the other systems. Worldbuildr’s show control software was added to better control the flow of the experience, and by the end of development we were able to run through it in its entirety without any hiccups. It was a great opportunity to learn how to build these types of multi-screen room-based games.