Into the Meridian | Bodhi Tree

Experience Designer (January—May 2016)

About a dozen of my classmates and I collaborated with the Bodhi Tree to create a geomobile/alternate reality experience to promote the relaunch of their brand. The experience was designed to encourage mindfulness and the connection to one’s sense of self, and it centered around the Meridian, an elusive group who has been tasked to safeguard the real Bodhi Tree. We consulted with the Bodhi Tree throughout the development process and worked within the constraints of our budget.

We spent the semester designing a scavenger hunt around the USC campus which, when completed, guided participants to an initiation ceremony to join the Meridian. The video above was created after the experience had ended and was sent out to participants to conclude the events of the narrative—I edited together the finished product.

A number of materials were created for the project, from documents to props. Below is a link to the main design document.

Into the Meridian Design Document