Design Technologist | Worldbuildr Inc.

Design Technologist (October 2019—March 2020)

From October 2019 to March 2020 I worked for the startup Worldbuildr Inc., a company founded by one of the young leaders in the themed entertainment industry, Michael Libby. There, I both contributed to the company’s product, a show control software and previsualization tool built in Unity, as well as helped program and develop various projects for clients. Our time came to an abrupt end with the COVID-19 pandemic flaring up, but I am very glad I got a chance to work with them on a multitude of challenging tasks.

The one public client project we completed is Phantom Bridge, a digital escape room installed on the Sky Princess cruise ship. My experience on said project can be read about here.

In addition to that, I also contributed significantly to Worldbuildr’s show control software and developed a complex parsing tool to help translate client directions into actionable commands for our program. Unfortunately I can’t show any of that publicly, but I believe my coding ability has gone up by leaps and bounds based on my success in the creation of that tool.

Worldbuildr Inc.’s website can be found here.