Contract Writer | Genius Inc.


Contract Writer (October 2017—April 2018)

I wrote a romance game titled Deal to My Heart for Genius Inc., a Japanese mobile startup company. The game is in the visual novel genre, meaning that it’s essentially an interactive book, and the amount of writing I did for the project is akin to the length of a short novel (~60,000 words). The game features branching paths and a compelling story aimed at a straight, female audience, and there are three potential suitors to choose from. I was given a small prompt for which to base the story and characters on, but beyond that I had full creative freedom to take the story in any direction I saw fit. It was a huge challenge, but I learned a lot about the dos and don’ts of writing a cohesive, episodic story.

Deal to My Heart was released in the Android and iOS store as a standalone app and was translated into multiple languages, but at present I cannot confirm that the app is still available. The script for the first chapter can be read here.

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