Lead Writer (May 2016—August 2017)

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Cardamom is an interactive musical where you take on the role of Cardamom, a cat whose life has become intertwined with three different tenants of an apartment complex. As you listen to them sing and dances about their problems, you can choose to help them overcome their struggles, become friends, and maybe even fall in love.

As the lead writer, I worked closely with the creative director to write multiple iterations of the full game script over the course of the project. This included creating a narrative prototype in Ren’py, a visual novel engine, in order to better present the writing to the director in a way similar to how it would appear in-game. And because I had significant control over the content of the game, I also planned out the staging, interactions, and overall flow. I also led a small team of additional writers that helped refine and format the script once the beats were finalized.

The demo of Cardamom has been featured in both the 2017 Indie Prize Showcase and the 2017 IndieCade Selection.

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